Weingartia augustinii (Hentzschel) Hentzschel & Augustin

Previously has been regarded by some as a form of Weingartia tiraquensis, W. steinbachii, W. cardenasiana or W. mentosa. This relatively small-bodied plant with small, comb-like spines bears similarities to W. cardenasiana, W. langeri and W. gemmae and occurs in similar habitat, but has flower colours ranging from purple through pink to pinkish-white, as opposed to yellow and purple for those other species. Recently, integrading specimens of plants have been found between these three species’ locations which supports the view that they are closely related.

W. augustinii offsets profusely and can form quite large carpets or mounds half a metre in diameter, sometimes larger; single-bodied specimens occur but are not common. The spine colour and epidermis colour varies considerably, from white to black and everything in between, though typically light brown. The darkest version, with very dark skin and black spines, is usually referred to as var. jakubeciana and occurs in an isolated population.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Weingartia augustinii fma. G115/12

Weingartia augustinii HS152

Weingartia augustinii LH1161

Weingartia augustinii PHA427/10

Weingartia augustinii PHA550

Weingartia augustinii RH814

Weingartia augustinii US118/cl-6

Weingartia augustinii VS532