Wants & Offerings

Wants & Offerings


From time to time we have a small number of rooted cuttings or young plants which are surplus to requirements. Click here for the current sales list.

There are some plants which we would like to buy for the collection, but they are quite difficult to find. If you have any of them, or indeed any other Rebutia, Aylostera or Weingartia / Sulcorebutia to offer, please get in touch via the “contact” form.

Wants List

Aylostera pallida

Aylostera parvula

Aylostera pelzliana

Aylostera pauciareolata

Aylostera leucacantha or A. steinmannii var. leucacantha, especially WR644 or R644 (not leucanthema)

Aylostera knizei, or Aylostera pygmaea var. knizei, any except WR676a

Aylostera melanocentra

Aylostera tuberculata

Aylostera violaceostaminata

Aylostera froehlichiana (but not R493 or WR493, which is not A. froehlichiana but often sold as such)

Weingartia buiningiana

(also known as Weingartia neocummingii ssp. / var. buiningiana) FR816

Weingartia (Sulcorebutia) cararcarensis

MC6309, WR598, PHA255, PHA499, PHA1676, PHA1975, PHA1976, VZ567, LH888, LH1122, LH1748, MS841

Weingartia (Sulcorebutia) cintiensis

(also known as Sulcorebutia fidaiana ssp. cintiensis; fidana ssp. cintiensis.

Rebutia calliantha

Rebutia wessneriana

Rebutia wessneriana ssp. berylloides

Aylostera cajasensis

Aylostera mandingaensis

Aylostera nitida

Aylostera waltheriana KR339

Aylostera brighignae WR751

Aylostera mixticolor

Aylostera raffaellii

(also known as haagei spectabilis N.N.; pygmaea; Mediolobivia) WR333c, RH536a or LF855.

Aylostera einsteinii


Aylostera fischeriana

(also known as A. einsteinii fischeriana; brighignae)

WR751, J99, LF54, LF181, LF1051, LF1057, LF1059, LF1064, VS736, VS741, TB15.3, MS1246, MS1252, MS1255

Aylostera gavazzii

(also known as pygmaea, tafnaensis, yuquinensis)

WR335a, WR493, WR828, RW292, RW477, JK419

Aylostera gonjianii

(also known as Cylindrorebutia, Digitorebutia, Lobivia, Mediolobivia, Rebutia, Pygmaeolobivia, lanata, einsteinii gonjianii, euanthema, tilcarensis, atrospina, atrospinosa)

RW154, RW370, RW112, RW137, RW138, RW367, RW368, MN211, WR578, RW376, WR578, MN110, MN211, LF1060, LF1109, LF180, LF180a, MS1247, MS1256, MS1308, L476, L477, MN171a, MN188, MN171b, VS742, VS745

Aylostera sumayana

(also known as tuberosa, spegazziniana, duteineana, dutineana, gracilior, supthutiana)

RW544, RW554, RH2088a, RH2090a, RH3184, RH3185, WR738, WR826, WR826a, BB539.01, BB540.01, BB542.01, BB545.01, BB546.01, BB547.01, MN488, LF537, LF538, LF539, LF540, LF541, LF530a.