Sales Table

16th March 2024- I’ve had a couple of people ask when the sales table will be re-opening for the season. This year (2024) is possibly the latest spring I have on record, with temperatures only now starting to rise. This morning I did my first watering of the cacti for the season, around a week later than last year.

At the end of 2023 I gave away many of my spare young plants, but I have a few hundred new plants which are now coming into their 3rd year and many of those will end up on the sales table. However it will take a while to get them all listed, and I prefer to wait until they flower before photographing them. On top of that, as you may know, I volunteer for the BCSS which takes up a lot of my spare time; so I’m afraid that we may be looking at another month or so yet before I have any spare plants listed.

If anyone local would like to volunteer to help, even for a short time, you would be most welcome!