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Aylostera raulii description

Rebutia (Digitorebutia) raulii (Aylostera raulii) was first described in Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten, the journal of Deutsches Kakteen-Gesellschaft, 31: 170,

Aylostera applanata description

Aylostera applanata (Lobivia steinmannii (Solms-Laub.) Backbg. var. applanata Rausch) was first described, as a variety of L. steinmannii, by Walter

Weingartia fischeriana (Augustin) Hentzschel & Augustin

Plants of this species which we have in the collection include: Weingartia fischeriana HS79

Aylostera cintiensis (F. Ritter) Mosti & Papini

Plants of this species we have in the collection include: Aylostera cintiensis R503a

Aylostera raulii (Rausch) Mosti & Papini

Previously regarded as a form of A. atrovirens, but genetically different enough to be given specific status by Mosti and

Recent website changes!

The more keen-eyed may have noticed a few changes to the website. I’ve started entering original descriptions for species, and

Aylostera ritteri description

The original description of Lobivia (Aylostera) ritteri was published in Beitr├Ąge zur Sukkulentenkunde und-pflege, the journal of Deutschen Kakteen-Gesellschaft, by

Aylostera ritteri (Wessner) Mosti & Papini

Previously included in Aylostera atrovirens. See that species for details. The original description of Aylostera ritteri is here. The following

Unnamed plants

As with all of the genera in the National Collection, there are quite a few plants for which the name

Aylostera atrovirens (Backeb.) Mosti & Papini

This species occurs at a higher altitude than any other Aylostera, as high as 4400m. It occurs over several hundred

Aylostera atrovirens description

The original description of Lobivia (Aylostera) atrovirens was published in Kaktus ABC by C. Backeberg (edited by C. Backeberg &

Aylostera amblypetala description

The original description of Rebutia (Aylostera) rosalbiflora var. amblypetala was published in Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten 28(4): 76, 1977, the