Unnamed plants

As with all of the genera in the National Collection, there are quite a few plants for which the name hasn’t yet been decided or given. A few of the plants we have are as follows.

Aylostera sp. “ruberrina” AVF38

Aylostera sp. EH041

Aylostera sp. EH7093

Aylostera sp. HE285a

Aylostera sp. HJ118

Aylostera sp. JK359

Aylostera sp. LH1140

Aylostera sp. MN352

Aylostera sp. MN367

Aylostera sp. MN371

Aylostera sp., RH1002 and RH1010

Aylostera sp. RH1363

Aylostera sp. WR778

There are also a great many named species which have not been accepted (yet) or have been deemed a variety or subspecies of another named species; or indeed the same as another species. A few of these are listed below. More will be added in due course, once we have photographs of flowering plants.

Aylostera huarinensis

Aylostera lateritia

Aylostera mairanana

Aylostera multicostata

Aylostera rutiliflora

Aylostera suquistacaensis

Aylostera verebii