Aylostera raulii (Rausch) Mosti & Papini

Previously regarded as a form of A. atrovirens, but different enough to be given specific status by Mosti and Papini (2011). Still regarded by many as a form of A. atrovirens, or a form of A. tuberosa.

The original description is here.

Plants of this species which we have in the collection include:

Aylostera raulii VJ9c

Aylostera raulii WR493

There are at least three different plants in circulation with the number WR493. Discovered by Walter Rausch in Tarija, Bolivia in 1978, it was thought by him to be a smaller form of A. raulii, which had been given the field collection number WR485.

There are plants being sold in nurseries with the number WR493 which are more akin to A. gavazzii or A. atrovirens, as well as A. raulii. Each has different habitat location data.