Aylostera mixticolor (F. Ritter) Mosti & Papini

Regarded by some as a form of Aylostera eos or A. pygmaea. The name comes from the mixture of colours in the flower: fiery reds, purples and pinks, with yellowish green style / stigmas. Found to be distinct enough to be given specific status by Mosti & Papini (2011).

Two different plants of FR1108, the type plant of this species, are in the collection. I am not at all sure that either of them is FR1108. They are quite different from one another. Both were obtained from reliable and experienced sources. Which is correct, if either? Neither of them have the spination of the plant in Ritter’s photograph in “Kakteen in Sudamerika” Vol. 2, p. 779, which has bare areoles separated quite far apart, and long spines, more like a Lobivia than an Aylostera.

The description is here.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Aylostera mixticolor FR1108

Aylostera mixticolor FR1108