Aylostera leucanthema (Rausch) Mosti & Papini

In body shape rather different from other Aylostera, growing longer with age, and with white flowers, occasionally pink. Over time it has been placed in subgenus Aylostera as well as in the genus Lobivia; now regarded as subgenus Mediolobivia, and perhaps closely related to Aylostera eos.

Walter Rausch, who discovered the plant, states that in appearance it looks like Aylostera mamillosa, apart from the flowers, and that the ratio of white to pink flowers is about 15:1.

The description is here.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Aylostera leucanthema

Aylostera leucanthema RH1080a and RH2080a

Aylostera leucanthema VS320a

Aylostera leucanthema WR305

Aylostera leucanthema x narvacense