Aylostera gavazzii (Mosti) Mosti & Papini

Regarded by some as a form of Aylostera eos, A. colorea, or A. pygmaea, and has been the subject of considerable discussion. Another fairly recent discovery, being described in 1999. Identified under glass by S. Mosti rather than in the wild, who noticed the plants in a group collected as Aylostera raulii and Aylostera colorea, the latter of which it grows alongside in habitat, but with smaller more offsetting clumps and pink flowers rather than red.

There has been a deal of confusion with this species, not least by some nurseries selling plants of A. ritteri, A. raullii, A. colorea, A. atrovirens and A. froelichiana with the field number WR493 attached (the type number for A. gavazzii).

The description is here.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Aylostera gavazzii WR493