Aylostera froehlichiana (Rausch) Mosti & Papini

Misidentification and mislabelling has caused confusion with this species. Regarded by some as a form of Aylostera pygmaea, A. mamillosa, A. supthutiana, or, more strangely, Aylostera albopectinata or Aylostera spegazziniana. Found to be distinctive enough to be given specific status by Mosti & Papini (2011).

Identified by its bushy white radial spines, black central spines and small, sometimes pink-edged orange flowers.

Unfortunately this species is also commonly confused by some nurseries with Aylostera gavazzii or Aylostera raullii; the mixing of these labels seems to be widespread.

The description is here.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

[This species is not yet in the collection]