Aylostera einsteinii (Frič ex Kreuz. & Buining) Mosti & Papini

One of the southernmost species, and quite variable over its range, becoming like A. aureiflora in places, to which it is closely related. As a result, several different varieties have been named in the past, but these are not constant. They include var. atrospinosa, var. columnaris, var. conoidea, var. karreri, var. neumanniana, var. pseudoeinsteinii, var. rubriviridis, var. schmiedcheniana and var. steineckei, some of which have been regarded as separate species at one time.

Characterised by its softish, bristly spines, hairy buds and thick-tubed yellow / orangish flowers with yellow centres and styles that are not fused to the tube.

Aylostera gonjianii, given specific status by Mosti & Papini (2011), was formerly regarded as a variety of A. einsteinii.

The description is here.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Aylostera einsteinii HJK12

Aylostera einsteinii L476

Aylostera einsteinii LF812

Aylostera einsteinii MN100

Aylostera einsteinii MN106

Aylostera einsteinii MN220

Aylostera einsteinii RH1300

Aylostera einsteinii WR163

Aylostera einsteinii WR794