Aylostera aureiflora (Backeb.) Mosti & Papini

This is quite a variable species, probably complicated by selection and hybridisation over the years since it was discovered in the 1930s. It is also quite variable in spination and colour in habitat, sometimes growing together. As a result there are several different varieties or forms in cultivation. It is not clear what is closest to the original collected material as the type no longer exists.

The 2nd published (1934) description is here.

Flower colour varies from yellow through gold (hence the name), orange and red. A lilac-pink-flowered variety named “kesselringiana” is sometimes classified under Aylostera einsteinii.

In the wild the species grows west of Salta in Argentina between 2500m and 3100m altitude, partly overlapping the range of A. einsteinii and close to, but apparently not overlapping, the ranges of A. oculata and A. gonjianii.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Aylostera aureiflora BLMT432.05

Aylostera aureiflora J182

Aylostera aureiflora var. rubriflora RH58

Aylostera aureiflora WR158

Aylostera aureiflora WR680