From time to time there are rooted cuttings and seed-grown young plants which are surplus to requirements. All plants are grown here in the glasshouse. We do not sell other growers’ plants.

Prices of plants aim to recoup part of the cost of rearing the plants only, and the collection operates at a loss each year. The primary aim of the collection is conservation, best served by encouraging as many people as possible to grow the plants.

Plants may be collected, or posted; UK Plant Passports are issued for online orders. Only a selection of plants are listed here and there are many more available to visitors. Visiting BCSS members can expect a substantial discount. If you have questions about plants or about ordering, please use the “contact” form, or message via facebook or instagram.

There is a flat rate for postage. Order as many plants as you like and still pay the same P&P.

There is a minimum order value of £15 (before P&P).