Aylostera tuberosa (F. Ritter) Backeb.

Regarded by some as a form of Aylostera spegazziniana. Closely related to other species in the same area where it grows, between Sucre and Tarija in Bolivia: A. borealis, A. tarijensis and A. tarviatensis.

A. tuberosa is eventually mound-forming with short-cylindrical green stems and very fine brown spines, of variable length. The whorls of areoles and spines have a very “neat” look when viewed from above, being uniform and consistent across different stems. The flowers are blood-red with pinkish or purplish outer petals, these sometimes with patches of pink or white. Stigmas and stamens are white or yellowish.

The description is here.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Aylostera tuberosa FR770

Aylostera tuberosa KK859

Aylostera tuberosa RRM36