Aylostera pseudoritteri (Rausch) Mosti & Papini

Regarded by some as a form of Aylostera atrovirens or of A. pygmaea; indeed, originally described as such by Rausch. There was initially some confusion between this species and A. ritteri. Blossfeld found A. ritteri in the 1930s in northern Salta, Argentina (described by Wessner). In 1931 Ritter had described an unnamed plant, subsequently assumed to be the same species, in Iscayachi, but the two populations have constant and stable differences and do not overlap in range. Hence Rausch renamed the Iscayachi population var. pseudoritteri. It is ironic that Ritter’s plant is called pseudoritteri (false ritteri) while the false Ritter plant is called ritteri. All down to the order of naming. Given specific status by Mosti & Papini (2011).

The description is here.

Plants of this species in the collection include:

Aylostera pseudoritteri LM540.09

Aylostera pseudoritteri RH204

Aylostera pseudoritteri RH293a

Aylostera pseudoritteri SE65

Aylostera pseudoritteri WK340

Aylostera pseudoritteri WR506