Aylostera muscula description


The original description of Rebutia (Aylostera) muscula was published in Taxon (1963) p. 29, the journal of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy, IAPT by Friedrich Ritter.

Here is an excerpt of the main points, but you should look up the original description for more details. Translated from the German.

Rebutia muscula (subg. Aylostera) Ritter & Thiele, sp. nova, a R. albipilosa Ritter (cf. speciem praecedentem 3) recedit: corpore oblongo, viridi, 3-4 cm diam.; costis in tubercula valde distincta solutis; areolis valde remotis; spinis +/- 50, tenuioribus, 2-4 mm longis, rectis, omnibus similibus; tubo florali setis albis obsito; tepalis 20 mm longis, aurantiacis; staminibus biseratis.

Habitat: Narvaez, Dept. Tarcia, Bolivia. Collected as FR753.