Surplus plants

We have a few surplus young plants available at the moment (while they last), priced at £1.50 each plus postage at cost. If interested please use the “contact” form. Plants can be collected here in their pots, or posted without pots. Sorry, UK only.

  • Lobivia wrightiana v. winteriana FR1312
  • Lobivia lateritia JK350
  • Lobivia pugionacantha v. versicolor TB166.1
  • Lobivia haematantha v. hualfinensis WR176
  • Lobivia krahn-juckeri BLMT 798.03
  • Lobivia minutiflora MN0474
  • Lobivia ferox v. longispina TB397.2
  • Lobivia jajoiana MN243
  • Aylostera vallegrandensis
  • Aylostera zecheri
  • Aylostera jujuyana R220
  • Aylostera christinae
  • Aylostera camargoensis
  • Aylostera rubiginosa L407
  • Aylostera albiflora
  • Aylostera steinmanii
  • Mammillaria densispina Riva