I hope you are all staying safe and well. It’s been a while since we all closed up to access, and I wanted to update you as to what has been happening. But first to reassure you that all is well in the glasshouse; the plants are thriving and looking good as they take up their first couple of waterings of the season. The first of the flowers has started to appear and there are lots of buds. It’s just sad that very few people will get to see them this year!

As is usual at this time of year, all of the plants have been individually inspected for winter damage, any pests, and requirement for potting on. As last year was the first full season in the new glasshouse I went full steam ahead with propagation, planting seeds and cuttings and also potting on the seedlings planted when the glasshouse was being constructed (in 2018). The result of this is, after taking a few specimens for the collection, I now have several hundred young plants to find new homes for, and no way of doing this. The government has introduced a ban on sending plants by mail without a licence (which is obtainable after training and annual inspection, which costs an absolute fortune, and few non-profit organisations can afford it), and the coronavirus lockdown has meant no personal visits to the glasshouse. If anyone local would like some free plants, let me know and we can arrange a contactless transfer.